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2021 Driver Recruiter Trends

Now that 2021 is officially behind us we wanted to take a look back to see what the data is telling us. We crunched the numbers and compiled the findings to bring you a summary of all the 2021 driver recruiting trends.

What Does the 2021 Year-End Trend Report Cover?

  • Truck Driver Job Postings
  • Truck Driver Job Seekers
  • Truck Driver Job Seekers per Job Posted
  • Average Advertised Salary on Truck Driver Postings
  • Overall Recruiting Cost per Lead
  • Company Driver Cost per Lead
  • Owner-Operator Cost per Lead
  • Team Cost per Lead
  • Overall Recruiting Cost per Hire & Hire Rate
  • Company Driver Cost per Hire & Hire Rate
  • Owner-Operator Driver Cost per Hire & Hire Rate
2021 Year-End Trend Report