3 ways to raise brand awareness through powerful data insights | Randall Reilly

3 ways to raise brand awareness through powerful data insights

Brand awareness is the foundation of business growth. Without prospects knowing who you are, how do you expect them to convert into customers? In fact, customers are twice as likely to purchase from brands that are in the initial consideration set than brands that are considered late in the buyer’s journey.
By using valuable insights from research and data science to power your marketing, you can expand your audience reach and grow your business.

How to raise brand awareness with insights from data science

1. Build for lookalike audiences

Use insights from your own customer data to create profiles of your different customer types and search for new companies that match your most common or most valuable clients. 
Use UCC data (equipment liens) to determine customers who are in your audience but do not interact with your brand, or who are not already part of your audience but can be included. Services that take UCC data and present the findings in an easy-to-understand format, such as RigDig or EDA, will make this process smoother.

2. Expand your marketing bubble

In some cases, to expand your audience, you have to expand your marketing.
Reach every corner of your market with location-based targeting. Identify geographic areas where you need more sway or areas that you don’t touch at all to expand your audience and raise brand awareness.
Identify your competitors’ value propositions and use customer surveys to learn about your strengths and weaknesses to drive messaging that results in more demos and sales.
This is especially important if you rely heavily on your brick-and-mortar location for demos and sales, as the farther from your location you advertise, the more compelling your offers need to be to encourage prospects to travel.

3. Put data into your social media marketing

Social media marketing is key to raising brand awareness and increasing brand recall, but there is a right and a wrong way to use it.
Research to learn the best tactics for social media marketing is easy to find, so there’s no excuse not to use it. Incorporating even the most basic data insights — such as when to post, where to post and what to post — can result in more shares and better brand awareness. 
But don’t stop there. Most platforms provide their own analytics for users as well. That means that you can build and optimize your strategy for your specific audience, which may differ slightly from the results of more general research. 


Raise brand awareness and expand your audience reach by taking powerful insights from data and using it to inform your marketing strategy. Learn how, where and when to advertise your brand with location targeting and social media marketing to grow your audience and stay top-of-mind with current customers.
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