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Can You Afford to Miss Out on Driver Recruiting Events?

Stop overlooking the value of your channels. With the driver shortage in full swing, you’re doing everything you can to keep trucks on the road and keep your fleet’s freight moving.This pressure can cause even the best recruiters to focus on just a few channels that driver short term results.
It’s understandable, but you’re not looking at the long term. You can’t afford to miss the bigger picture. The changes in technology and media consumption we’ve seen over the past 2 decades are a great example of why you can’t become complacent.
At this point, you’re probably thinking we’re about to talk about digital marketing for recruiting. I have successfully fooled you.
Instead, let’s discuss the value of using events for driver recruiting.
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Aren’t events a little outdated?

Over the past 20 years we’ve seen a lot of changes in campaign channels. But events are stronger than ever because of new technologies and the increased need for in-person experiences.

Think about it like this:

Television and radio have been unable to adapt to new technologies. Neither channel have been able to build strong targeting, like what you see online. They also lack the capability to develop the strong niche audience and expanded capabilities of print publications, i.e. Truckers News.
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More and more advertisers are turning away from channels like television and radio for channels that can better prove ROI.

Events, on the other hand, have been able to adapt new technologies to improve both attendee experience and exhibitor capabilities. This, alongside an increasing need for in-person experiences, is making events harder and harder for marketers to ignore.
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But what about truck drivers?

We’ve said this before, marketers and truck driver recruiters are very similar. They use the same methods, similar terminology, and often they even think about accomplishing objectives with campaigns the same way.

Events provide the same opportunities for both driver recruiters and marketers to accomplish their goals.

Truck drivers, regardless of whether they are owner-operators or company drivers, flock to major trucking industry events. And it’s easy to understand why.
Industry events can be like a big family reunion. Industry events can be like a big family reunion.
Truckers have chosen a career that is inherently lonely and isolated. They spend all day sitting in the cab of a truck, but events, especially large trade shows, can be like a family reunion. It’s a time for them to learn more about news technology, the future of the industry, and to catch up with old friends.
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Why events?

If you’re recruiting drivers at events, you’re getting something that other channels can’t give you: face time with truck drivers.
Events can be one of the best opportunities to generate truck driver leads. Online, you’re asking people to stay focused and take very specific actions. Even with the best copywriting, design, and conversion optimization, you’re going to lose people between their initial click and submitting an application.

That’s less likely to happen at events.

There are so many things to see, and drivers go to events to network, apply for jobs, and learn about the industry. Many truck drivers want to see every booth at a show. This is the perfect opportunity to directly engage these drivers and get them to submit an application.
Truckers want to be part of these events. Truckers want to be part of these events.

You may not get everyone who comes by, but you’ll still get valuable, engaged driver leads from your booth.

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Events can be the perfect channel for driver recruiters. You can accomplish a lot a trade shows, including long term employer branding and lead generation.
With the immense amount of pressure you’re under, you can’t afford to focus on the short term and miss out on the bigger picture. Events are a thriving channel for driver recruiters, perfect for you to build a strong, favored employer brand and generate immediate applications.