Case Studies | Randall Reilly

Generating New Business with Predictive Models

January 8, 2021

Know the needs of your customers before even making the first contact.

Convert High-Value Accounts Through ABM

July 20, 2020

Our client sold over 18K units over a period of five months with this strategy.

Facebook eCommerce Case Study

July 7, 2020

This client experienced a 600% ROI from our Facebook eCommerce campaign.

Increasing Dealer Distribution Case Study

July 7, 2020

EDA’s level of data filtering offered sales representatives precise dealer targeting.

Geo-fencing Targeting Case Study

March 5, 2020

We provided a 295% ROI for our client with a 53% conversion rate.

Drive sales with geofence targeting

February 21, 2020

If your company isn’t using location-based marketing — and specifically geofencing — you are being left behind. This powerful technology…

Domino’s Pizza: A Case Study in Customer Feedback

January 27, 2015

At some point in time, we’ve all dealt with a customer who was unhappy. It’s natural. They’re promised a certain…