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The Biggest Mistakes Fleets Make | Digging Deeper LIVE

Digging Deeper is back and better than ever! For our Season 2 premiere we decided to kick things off with bang. For the first time ever Dave sat down with a panel of guests in front of a live audience.

But that’s not all. To kick it up a notch, Dave took a page right out of Sean Evans’ playbook and added hot wings to the mix.
That’s right, it’s Digging Deeper with Dave’s version of Hot Ones! If you’ve never seen Hot Ones, first off all where have you been? Second of all I highly recommend it.

The formula is simple: a host, a guest, and face-melting hot wings during an interview that almost always ends in hilarity.
Join Dave as grills his guests, Seth Becker, Scott Maldonado, Aaron Mowery, McKensie Worley, and Kyle Jernigan on the topic of the day: The Biggest Mistakes Fleets Make.

The season premiere was filmed in front of a live audience at Randall-Reilly’s R-Squared 2021 event in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Due to the live nature of the recording the audio is not up to our normal standards, but there was too much good information … and fun to keep to ourselves. Enjoy!

Digging Deeper LIVE:
The Biggest Mistakes Fleets Make


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