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Getting Back to Basics: Banner Display for Driver Recruiting 101

There was a time when figuring out the whole copy/paste thing on a computer was a big deal to me. Now that I have some knowledge about digital advertising, I often forget where I used to be. It is very easy to forget that not everyone knows what CPC means or what a display network is, and my audience is not always marketing gurus.
With many recruiters having several responsibilities, it is highly likely they are not well-versed in all this digital mumbo jumbo. Not too very long ago it all might as well have been Latin to me ( I don’t speak Latin).

Let’s take a step back and talk about some basic practices of online advertising.

Presenting Banner Display 101:

What is a banner?

A banner is simply an online image ad. Have you ever been on a website and seen an advertisement for car insurance or a new phone? That is what an online banner is. This image ad contains a link to the advertiser’s website or micro website that is created specifically for that ad.

Examples of Online Banner Ads

For these ads to be seen, the website must be part of a display network. This means that they allow online ad networks to place ads on their websites. The banners come in 12 different sizes.

How can banners help you hire drivers?

You can create banners advertising your job openings and place them on these websites. The ad could take drivers to a microsite to fill out applications or call your recruiters. You could also use a click-to-call button your mobile landing pages. This lets drivers click a button and immediately be connected by phone to your recruiters.

How can your banners reach just drivers?

When it comes to advertising online, the most important thing is to keep your banners appearing to the right people. Online banners are not static. Different banners show for different people on the same website. You can make it to where only drivers see your banners when they go to high traffic websites like or When you keep your online ads reaching the right audience, you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Summing It All Up

More than 67% of all professional drivers go online everyday. With online banners you can reach these drivers 24/7. Not only are they aware of your job openings, they can get in contact right away. When drivers get online they will see banners. They might as well be yours.
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