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The Keys to Hiring Quality Mechanics

Mechanics are some of the most in demand personnel in the market today. Knowing how to reach, hire, and keep a quality mechanic is a constant struggle. Over the years we’ve partnered with dealers, companies, and repair shops around the country to help them meet their hiring goals. Today we sit down to discuss what we’ve learned over the course of time and how you can apply that knowledge.

On today’s Digging Deeper, welcomes back two of his favorite guests, Seth Becker and Aaron Mowery. Together they discuss everything we’ve learned about hiring mechanics.

On Today's Show

VP of Marketing
Seth joins Digging Deeper to talk hiring mechanics

Dave Arsenault

VP of Marketing

Randall Reilly

Seth Becker

VP of Sales, Recruiting

Randall Reilly

Aaron joins Digging Deeper to discuss hiring mechanics

Aaron Mowery

VP Recruiting Sales

Randall Reilly