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How Smart Rhino Labs Strengthens Randall-Reilly

Recently, Randall-Reilly announced the acquisition of Smart Rhino Labs. Growth is generally viewed as a good thing, and with an established data source such as Randall-Reilly bringing Smart Rhino Labs into the fold it can only mean good things for current and future clients right?
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Who is Smart Rhino Labs?

The Utah based tech company was founded in 2011. With a driving force of marketers and technologists the company decided to focus on data-driven solutions to help clients with high volume recruiting. This data-first approach has propelled the company to success and has helped Smart Rhino Labs grow and expand their approach to include mobile recruiting, analytics, and operate a network of 25 job boards. It’s this approach that attracted Randall-Reilly to the company.
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Randall-Reilly and Smart Rhino Labs are a good fit.

Throughout its history Randall-Reilly has evolved with the times and altered its approach to deliver the best services possible to clients. The company was originally founded way back in 1934 as Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges (which is still in operation today).
Over the years the company grew and eventually began acquiring publications in 1986, starting with Overdrive. In the years to follow more brands such as Equipment World, Commercial Carrier Journal, Total Landscape Care, and Truck Parts & Service would follow.
Randall-Reilly Brand Logos
Randall-Reilly made a strategic move in 1998 with the addition of EDA. This signaled the begin of a conscious shift to attempt to stay ahead of the curve and competition by occupying a unique space and begin offering clients more marketing value with the access to this data.
The acquisition of Smart Rhino Labs continues this trend of growth and movement toward data. In an interview with Publishing Executive, SVP of Digital, Nick Reid elaborated with the following.
[one_third]Nick Reid, SVP Digital[/one_third][two_third_last][testimonial author=”Randall-Reilly SVP of Digital, Nick Reid”]“Randall-Reilly’s driver recruitment business accelerated with the advent of the smartphone. Instead of relying on print publications to generate calls for clients, we began to target our audience using data on channels like Google and Facebook to create efficiency. We see the next level of efficiency gains coming from helping clients do a better job of connecting and converting response.”[/testimonial][/two_third_last]
He continued,
[testimonial author=”Randall-Reilly SVP of Digital, Nick Reid”]“Our strategic plan focuses on acquisitions that give us complementary datasets, new capabilities that solve client pain points, new clients where we already have data or elements that reinforce existing barriers to entry in our markets. Smart Rhino Labs brought all four, but especially the first two.”[/testimonial]
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Randall-Reilly and Smart Rhino Labs represent an unparalleled advantage.

Smart Rhino Labs
Smart Rhino Labs gives Randall-Reilly the ability to offer clients a unique advantage moving forward. Smart Rhino Labs’ data-driven approach to high volume recruiting bolsters Randall-Reilly’s ability to effectively serve its client base as well as open up exciting possibilities of bringing Smart Rhino Labs’ unique lead nurturing approach to other industries Randall-Reilly serves like construction and agriculture.
As technological advancements continue to change the world of marketing, Smart Rhino Labs gives current and future Randall-Reilly clients a fantastic opportunity to grow and succeed in the ever-evolving world of marketing.