How to spot what your marketing strategy is missing | Randall Reilly

How to spot what your marketing strategy is missing

There are countless moving parts in a marketing strategy, which means there are a lot of things you could be overlooking. If your company growth is not where you want it to be, your strategy may be missing these key marketing tactics.

1. If your ads have low engagement, you could be missing buyer personas.

Segmenting your audience based on basic demographic information, like age and location, won’t give you enough data to effectively engage prospects.

Creating buyer personas puts a fictional name to a real face and helps you craft each campaign around the exact type of customer you are trying to reach, such as a project manager or an equipment manager, and what their buyer’s journey may look like.

Using market research and proprietary data, you can develop enough personas to reflect the high-value prospects you want to attract in each industry you serve.

That information can then be used to tailor your ads and content to your audience. This will help you target customers more effectively and improve your ad’s performance because you are considering the goals and pain points of who you are trying to attract.

2. If your website has a high bounce rate, you could be missing quick loading times.

One of the top reasons a user will leave your website after only visiting one page is because they are waiting too long for it to load. In fact, 40% of customers abandon a website after three seconds of loading time. Even Google takes into account load times when indexing and ranking web pages.

There are several things that could be going wrong at this step, including:

• Your server could be slowing down your site

• The page’s images could be too big

• Your CMS might be outdated

You can use an internal or external audit to determine any issues with your website, including ones that may cause slow loading times. While some fixes may be quite simple, like optimizing your images, others may require a dedicated developer, such as when a website’s code is causing slow load times.

3. If your prospects are interested in your brand but don’t convert, you could be missing remarketing.

Sometimes it takes a little nudging for a prospect to finally convert.

Keep your brand top-of-mind and maintain their interest by remarketing the products or services that they showed interest in and align that content to where they might be in the sales funnel.. For example, if a prospect fills out a form or downloads a piece of content, send one or two follow-up emails and include related content that may be of use.

Sales Funnel

Remarketing in the B2B space should follow the sales funnel. This allows you to more effectively target prospects based on their current needs and level of engagement. This strategy yields 72% higher conversion rates than non-targeted remarketing.


If your marketing strategy doesn’t engage your prospects and customers, consider what you may be missing. Without buyer personas, your ads won’t be targeted enough for your high-value prospects, and they can still lose interest and move onto another brand when faced with slow website load times. And be sure to follow prospects all the way through the sales funnel with remarketing.

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