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How to Tell if You Are Spending Too Much Recruiting Truck Drivers

There is no need to spend a lot of time talking about the ever-worsening nationwide driver shortage.

Recruiters deal with it every day. But the worst part of it isn’t just how difficult it is to find the drivers you need. When you do manage to find a qualified driver, the chances of them sticking around are minimal at best. Drivers know that you need them more than they need you and that there is always another fleet offering better perks, bigger signing bonuses, or more appealing hours.

The good news is that we’ve created a tool to help you plan ahead.

If you are spending too much recruiting the drivers you need, you can use the Driver Recruiting Calculator to find out. Of course you should also brace yourself to find out that you aren’t spending enough. Many fleets out there may not be properly accounting for turnover when calculating their recruiting  budget. The result is a budget that is too small, and recruiters that are stressed out, over-worked, and always a little behind.
It isn’t just that you might need to be spending more on recruiting truck drivers. You should also make sure you are spending your money the right way. Consider using a marketing automation tool to refine your tactics as you figure out the best ways to get in touch with qualified drivers. It’s easy to assume that you get what you pay for in advertising, and in most cases that is probably true. But if you’re creative in finding ways to get drivers interested in your fleet, you can lower your cost per hire in a big way.
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The Driver Recruiting Calculator is a tool that our Randall-Reilly recruiting experts developed to help you understand how to calculate and optimize your recruiting budget.

Click on the link below to get access to this free Excel download of the Driver Recruiting Calculator. We sincerely hope that it helps you recruit more drivers this year. If you have any questions about how you can lower your cost per hire of qualified drivers or feedback on this tool, please let us know.

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