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Digging Deeper into Driver Recruiting with Dave | “Lead-to-Hire Part Deuce!”

Dave previously tackled lead-to-hire data with McKensie Worley on the very first episode of Digging Deeper. But it’s such a broad topic he decided to sit down and take a second swipe at it with Aaron Mowrey. Together they go over everything that matters and talk about some of the common things they see and where fleets can improve moving forward.

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Lead-to-Hire: Part Deuce Worksheet

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You can register now for our next episode of Digging Deeper. In episode 5, Dave welcomes Randall-Reilly’s Director of Digital Marketing, Kim Walker. Kim brings her expertise to the show as she tells Dave about the two and a half “v’s” every fleet needs to keep in mind with the ad creative. Sign up today and join us Thursday, March 11th – 2pm CST for our latest episode – Ad Creative: What Really Works?

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