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Listening in with Seth | The Perfect Call – Part 2

Join us as Seth continues his quest to show you exactly what it takes to build the perfect driver recruiting call. He has broken the typical recruiting call down into four segments: impactful introduction, discovery, alignment, and call to action.
We will cover a different section in a separate episode over the next few installments of Listening In. Last time Seth covered the introduction. If you missed that episode, follow the link below to watch and catch up on what you missed before moving on to part 2, discovery.

Miss Part 1 of Our Building the Perfect Call Series?


Click the Image to Watch The Perfect Call: Part 1

[one_half]Click here for Part 1: The Impactful Introduction[/one_half][one_half_last]

The Impactful Introduction – Greeting the driver, making them feel comfortable, and getting them to fully engage moving forward in the conversation.[/one_half_last][/box]

Building the Perfect Call

Part 2: Discovery

Today Seth listens to calls during the “discovery” portion of the conversation. Discovery is crucial to having a successful call as it guides recruiters forward in laying out a plan and helping the driver take the next steps in your fleet’s process.

Next Time on Listening In

Next time Seth begins analyzing calls during the “alignment” portion. Piece by piece Seth will listen to, analyze, and tell you exactly how each call went; but more importantly, he’ll lay out exactly how to improve to give your recruiters the tools and knowledge to have the perfect driver recruiting call.