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Looking for Drivers? Try RigDig Recruiting

How’s your recruiting going? Wish you had more help finding not just drivers, but the right drivers? Would you like to save time, enjoy more success, and make your job easier?
We got you.
Whether you prefer to filter candidates by experience level, type of haul, qualifications, or CSA history, our RigDig Recruiting database contains 700,000+ active driver applications. That includes company driver and owner-operator names, addresses, and phone numbers.
RigDig Recruiting Intelligence gives you direct access to the drivers you need to keep your trucks full and your freight on the move. You know more than anyone how much it sucks to have empty trucks. This is your chance to prevent that sad state of affairs.  
Here’s a taste of what RigDig Recruiting Intelligence can do for you:
Targeted Recruiting – Streamline your efforts to identify hard-to-find drivers.
Cut Recruiting Costs – Taking a more strategic, efficient approach will save you money.
Save Your Company $$$ – Targeted leads will improve your recruiting, and help you fill more trucks.
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What About the Data?

RigDig Recruiting Intelligence data is curated from over 70 different job application sites (like, or and compiled into one tidy, user-friendly source.
Our data is populated by drivers actively seeking jobs — we have about 700,000 listed right now — and is standardized and cleansed by our expert partners.
That’s a lot of data to sift through, so we’ve taken great pains to make RigDig Recruiting as useful, accessible, and actionable as possible. You can look for drivers using 14 different filters, such as date, location, qualifications, driving record, and driver profile. You can call from our lead list, or download direct mail and telemarketing exports.
If analytics and visualizations appeal to you, we’ve got you covered there, too. RigDig Recruiting Intelligence allows you to see where drivers are available, which can help you target your recruiting and marketing efforts, and also find the best areas to open more terminals.
So what do you say? Are you ready for a secret weapon that will take your recruiting to the next level? Do you want to make your efforts more strategic, targeted, efficient, and effective? RigDig Recruiting Intelligence is the edge you need.