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Marketing to Owner-Operators: Print Advertising Tops the List

Marketing is a science, one which requires almost continuous research, data, and experimentation to be successful. The goal of this scientific marketing research is to find the best ways to consistently connect, engage, and convert your audience. It can be difficult, but it’s also very rewarding to accomplish your specific campaign wins.
If you’re trying to target your advertising around owner-operators, you’re in luck. We have done extensive research into the audiences we help our clients reach, and this has given us a lot of interesting statistics about these audiences.
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So what is one statistic you have to know when marketing to owner-operators?


Printed magazines are the most influential sources of information to owner-operators.

Our research shows that 53% of owner-operators would choose printed magazines as the single source of information when compared to other sources.
The mediums they listed were:

On a scale of 1 to 10, owner-operators listed print as a 7.4. The next highest source of information was radio or satellite radio at a 5.4.
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Why is this important?

Owner-operators tend to be older, with the average age around 54 years old. If you have paid any attention to demographic trends and research, you will know that older generations are not early adopters of new tech. As a rule, these older generations of drivers tend to prefer more traditional forms of media consumption.
If you’re interested in more information that can help you recruit owner-operators, we will have another article next week to bring you more great statistics!
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