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Mrs. Fezziwig, is That You? | Listening In with Seth

Today on Listening In

On today’s episode, Seth is joined by his colleague, Senior Sales Consultant at Outsell Consulting, Stuart Chant. Together they dig into a brand new call and talk about how they think the call went, as well as give their thoughts on how it could have been better.

Special Guest: Stuart Chant

Stuart Chant
Stuart Chant

Stuart is a Senior Sales Consultant with OutSell Consulting. He specializes in watching effective salespeople and managers in action to help create a process to improve the rest of the team.

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You can watch the entire series of Listening In on the Listening In page of our Randall Reilly site or over on the Listening In YouTube playlist. If today’s episode just wasn’t enough, check out the previous episode, The Art of the Call: Inbound vs. Outbound.