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Randall-Reilly Achieves Google Partner Status

If the New York Yankees said you were good at baseball, that would really mean something. That is how we feel about being a Google Partner.

[testimonial author=Google Partner Page.”]“The badge recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products. Their businesses are healthy, their customers are happy, and they use Google best practices.”[/testimonial]

The above text was pulled from Google’s partner page. It is how Google describes companies that receive this status. That badge is an endorsement from Google. To us that means we are good at what we do.

“What badge,” you ask. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Nick Reid, our vice president of digital services had this to say.“Being able to operate effectively within the digital marketing realm is no easy feat. It takes both a creative and analytical mind to execute successful campaigns. There is a significant amount of knowledge needed to begin and a steep learning curve once you get going. To have Google recognize our team as one that excels in digital marketing, is a great honor.”

Aaron Craddock is the performance marketing manager here. Everyday he is in the digital trenches handling campaigns and managing his team. He and each of his team handles between 50 and 100 client campaigns. I asked Aaron about his team, and he had this to say. “The performance marketing team at Randall-Reilly understands the trucking, construction, and driver recruiting industries better than any other SEM team.  Being a Google partner means we are now not only the best in our industries, but one of the best Google Adwords teams in the world.”

Being able to focus on a few niche industries has set our performance marketing capabilities apart. Knowing exactly which keywords to target, where the search volume exist, and what tools will give our clients the most engagement means no one can do what we can.

“Because we know what a win looks like for our clients, we can run digital marketing campaigns for our industry better than anyone. Being a Google partner allows us to bring in the talent we need to continue to be the best at what we do,” added Caleb Spradley director of performance marketing.