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The Most Important Part of Recruiting | Digging Deeper

The Most Important Part of Recruiting

Dave sits down with Seth Becker and Scott Maldonado to discuss the most important part of recruiting. Pulling from their real-world truck driver recruiting experience, our guests discuss a range of topics and dive into how proper (and continual) recruiter training can help set you apart from the crowd.

Driver Recruiting Weekly Report – March 24, 2021

Weekly Driver Recruiting Report - March 24, 2021

Randall-Reilly’s Weekly Report for March 24, 2021 is here. Watch, listen, or just take in the highlights with our quick visual reference tool, Numbers at a Glance. As always a downloadable PDF detailing all the information we cover is available below as well. Check back in every Wednesday for a brand new Weekly Report.

Why Are Your Truck Driver Recruiters Failing?

Are Your Truck Driver Recruiters Failing?

Listen to the article: There are many factors that can end up influencing your driver recruiting. We’ve covered several of them in the past few weeks. From building an efficient driver recruiting budget, to creating a driver-centric company culture, to figuring out what is really driving your cost-per-hire up; they’re all important, but there’s another […]