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A Handy Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheet

March 1, 2017

Like an unstoppable ocean, Facebook just keeps growing. And expanding. Brace yourself for charts. At the rate they’re going, Facebook…

Edit Your Way to Marketing Mastery

February 6, 2017

Today we’re discussing a topic that’s near and dear to my heart — editing. I worked as an editor for…

Want to Beat Your Competitors? Here Are Four Ways to Tell Better Stories

February 1, 2017

If you’re in marketing, recruiting, or sales, you’re in the storytelling business. And if you have competitors — whether you…

Steering Clear of PR and Marketing Disasters

September 21, 2016

Now, perhaps more than ever, it is critical to measure every word you speak. Or type. Or publish. Or else!…

Broaden Your Horizons (and Audience) with Outside-the-Box Marketing Ideas

August 18, 2016

Is your marketing stuck in a rut? Do you constantly draw from the same bag of tricks, with predictable results?…