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Talent Intelligence

When recruiting limits growth strategic players bring in talent intelligence.

Our 360 analysis of your talent acquisition pipeline lets you tap into our ecosystem of expertise. Streamline your operations, optimize your tech stack, and get visibility into your recruiting pipeline. All while maintaining agile flexibility.

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How does Talent Intelligence help you grow?

Our platform delivers

Quality Applicants

Our proprietary data ensures your job openings are placed in front of qualified applicants. This guarantees effective talent acquisition and efficient use of your recruiting budget.

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Strategic Results

Our growth platform utilizes historical data and prescriptive analytics to fuel your talent acquisition strategy. Know that your growth plan is aligned to the best intelligence and partnered with deep industry expertise.

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Pipeline Visibility

Our partnerships are transparent. You can clearly see what opportunities are in the pipeline, confidently forecast the future, and optimize your recruiting strategies. Track your results on a granular level with precision and confidence.

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Solving pain points for your recruiting & hiring workflow

For many companies, talent acquisition is the rate limiter of growth. Our growth platform of people and technology fuels the recruiting process and helps our clients overcome these challenges. Marketing, technology, data, onboarding, strategy … whatever the gap in your recruiting, we have an answer.

In competitive environments, Talent Intelligence accelerates your hiring.

Our growth platform helps you pinpoint prospects based on:


CDL Class

Type of Haul

Driver Type


Your recruiting should be as unique as your fleet is.

Here’s how we work with you:


First, we take the time to understand your needs and goals.


Then, we take our industry knowledge to size up your market.


Next, we work together to plan your unique recruiting strategy.


We report on actual hires, not just marketing fluff metrics.

Featured Technology

Stratas Strategize™

Strategize is the market and driver research tool that gives you a competitive advantage when making your marketing and budget decisions.

Featured Episode

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There’s been lots of talk about the crumbling American infrastructure for quite some time. Is there any truth to it? If so, just how bad are our roads and bridges? Today we take a look at some of the data to dig into some staggering stats about the state of American bridges.

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