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Quality Applicants

Acquiring talent requires granular and reliable filtering of hiring criteria, location-based targeting, and engagement beyond the conversion. Our platform delivers.

Data-Driven, Engaged Applicant Sourcing


CIG, our innovative job boards, connects active job seekers and employers in hard to recruit markets. Creating conversion pathways through our technology, our clients are able to generate quality leads.

15k Applications / Month

XML Compatible


Our well-known brand regularly engages the professional driver audience, providing our client with access to passive job seekers, branding opportunities, and insights into industry trends and behaviors.

40k Subscribers

118k Unique Visitors

Capture active job seekers at the point of conversion.

Pre-Qualified Leads
Leads are pre-qualified based on your criteria, and you are only charged for the qualified leads. Hiring company drivers? We won’t send you owner-operator leads.

Promoted Listings
Ensure your jobs are seen first. Whether drivers search by location, type of haul, or fleet name, they’ll see your job listings on top of the search results.

Extended Network
Your job postings are promoted through multi-channel campaigns that include: email, search engines, SMS, push notifications, and more.

The Value of

Company-Specific Applications

Prequalified Leads with Your Criteria

Import XML Feeds for Auto-Updates

Customize the criteria to get the highest quality applicants

Hiring Area

Class A CDL

Years of Experience

Driver Type

Solo or Teams

Lease Purchase Interest

Haul Type Experience

Needed Endorsements

Reach truckers where they get their news.

Truckers News is a multi-channel, digital brand that reaches long haul drivers, owner-operators, and local drivers through relevant news, health tips, cool rigs, and top jobs from our extensive recruiting network.

Our clients get multiple opportunities to reach drivers through native advertising, daily newsletters, and category sponsorships.

The Truckers News Audience

118k Unique Visitors/mo

When it comes to up-to-the-minute industry news or job-related lifestyle content, truckers turn to Truckers News.

136k Mobile Visits/mo

Truckers News is made to be consumed while on the go. Phones go everywhere drivers do, which is where you want to be too.

40k Subscribers

The newsletters provide recruiters with the ability to engage with their target prospects on a daily basis in a content-rich environment.

Truckers News Content


This popular section covers equipment reviews, truck shows, and customized trucks as well as updates to regulations for trucks.


Professional drivers need to know who is increasing pay or what other drivers have done to find the right fit for them.


Life on the road gets a lot easier with the right gear. Our team covers the essentials plus new gear and apps to keep drivers trucking.


Driving professionals need more than CDL school and a couple weeks of training. Truckers News shows drivers how to navigate their careers.


Health and wellness are important parts of life on the road, as are the fun parts, like which truck stop has the best chicken!


SheDrives and its Facebook group gives women drivers a community for tips and advice for their unique challenges on the road.

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