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Truck Sales Are Down. What’s Your Plan?

These are tender, turbulent times. Everybody’s nervous. And why shouldn’t we be?
We might be staring down the barrel of another recession. Autonomous vehicles are coming, but no one knows exactly when. Everyone’s on edge about the election, the economy, our crumbling infrastructure, and in my case, the Miami Dolphins. WHAT’S THE PLAN THERE GUYS???!!!
Despite all the bad news, the trucking industry is predicted to see significant growth in the coming decade. Freight, tonnage, and revenue are all forecasted to soar. And yet, this past August saw heavy-truck sales fall a staggering 29 percent from 2015. It wasn’t just a bad August, unfortunately — sales for heavy trucks in U.S. have been falling for a couple years now. In December 2015, heavy truck orders were down 37% from the previous year.
This of course has a cascading effect throughout the industry — and beyond.
The question for you, is, what’s your plan for sales and marketing moving forward in these choppy waters?
Whether you’re looking to buy or sell trucks, or if you’re on the parts and service end of things, do you have a strategy to succeed amid all the doom and gloom? Or are you counting on trusty old Truck Paper to save the day?

Class 8 Truck orders are down significantly from last year. Source:

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Data-Driven Marketing and Sales

All is not lost! You have plenty of sales-sprouting tactics at your disposal, should you choose to employ them. When it comes to marketing, have you considered running a performance-based campaign to reach prospects on social media and basically anywhere else on the web? How about an event to create face-to-face connections? Are you using email to pique interest, or leveraging respected brands as a bridge to your niche audience?
We can help you target very specific audiences with relevant messaging that gets attention, and results.
How? We are driven by data. That’s what undergirds everything we do at Randall-Reilly. Because if you’re not using data to guide your sales and marketing efforts, you are shooting blind. And missing out on customers.
If you’re keen to avoid that scenario, and instead work toward more sustainable success in the trucking industry, RigDig Business Intelligence lets you unearth specific details about current customers, potential prospects, fleets, and owner-operators.

RigDig can help you:

  • Identify ideal target prospects not in your database

  • Arm your sales team with insider information on equipment and inspection details, and gain valuable insights into customers and prospects

  • Cut down on sales preparation time, and increase sale efficiency

  • Gain an edge over your competition!

Harnessing data can be a godsend for your operations — especially in a bleak economy. You can improve sales efficiency by assigning geography-based territories to your customer and prospect database, or quickly assign new leads, assess territory coverage, and monitor sales performance. Data has the power to streamline your operation and save you money.
For more specifics on how data can help you succeed, or to request a demo, visit
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What’s Your Plan to Survive Lean Times?

My poor Dolphins are beyond help. No amount of data can help that sorry franchise. But you, my friend, have a lifeline. You are just a few clicks away from gaining an advantage that can see you through tough times, and help you cut through the clutter to find new customers. They are out there, you just need to know where to look.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a database of information on potential clients, including brand preference data, location, and insight into specific pain points you can alleviate?
Tough months may be ahead. But data is your best bet for making your business recession proof. It’s a sound, wise investment in uncertain times.

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