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Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence in Action See a small sample of the power of our platform.

Our platform delivers granularity and precision in aligning buyers and sellers in your markets. Build and grow a reliable, predictable pipeline. We turn predictive into profits.

Our platform delivers

Market Insights

Our proprietary database of more than 5M industry entities and transactions generates insights into market trends and individual behaviors of OEMs, dealers, individual equipment and buyers. Understand the buyer behavior and leverage brand loyalty and buying cycles.

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Programmatic Marketing

Our programmatic marketing is fueled by proprietary ownership data. Target based on specific equipment ownership, brand preference, purchase cycles and more. Our attribution tools show results with won and lost sales data to close the loop.

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Buyer Influence

More than 90% of the buyer journey is invisible to your sales organization. We help sellers influence and accelerate that buyer journey. Each month, more than 1 million executives, across construction and transportation use our brand to inform their decision-making.

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Solving pain points for your marketing & sales workflow

Our platform, fueled by our unique blend of data-driven technology and people, touches every phase of our clients’ workflow. We build relationships and drive results, transforming your workflow from process management into growth generation.

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Success Story

Shifting buyer behavior & driving revenue

“I use data, especially from EDA to find out where the next sale is going to come from and where the target base seems to be. If you’re not using data, you’re a dinosaur.”


Casey Seymour, 21st Century Equipment

Success Story

Driving growth in digital marketplaces

“Randall Reilly has been a huge part of our shopping campaign success. We’re seeing an average of 10.69x on Return-On-Ad-Spend.”


Michelle Simkin, Titan Brands

Success Story

Attracting buyers with intelligent geotargeting

“We use geotargeting to really hone-in on that prospect that might be 10-12 miles away, to drive him to the store.”


Mary Martinez, Horizon Distributors

Asset Intelligence in Action See a small sample of the power of our platform.

Each month, we provide proprietary data snapshots of your industry so you can stay on top of emerging changes and trends. See asset purchase activity, the top buyers, and financing activity.

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