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Recruiting Call Roulette | Listening In

Seth Listens to a COMPLETELY RANDOM recruiting call

Seth talks about the Call Disposition Report and uses its features to find a completely random recruiting phone call to review. Watch to find out more about the call and our Call Disposition Report.

Answering AI’s Questions About Recruiting | Listening In

Seth answers AI's questions about recruiting

AI is a really hot topic lately. Everyone is constantly trying to figure out the best way to harness the technology, and it’s not uncommon for people in all industries to ask various AI programs questions. But what happens when AI asks YOU a question? We find out on today’s Listening In.

Are Increased Imports Driving Freight Demand? | 30 Day Reset

Containerized Imports are UP Double Digits YoY

Containerized import numbers are in and they are up double digits compared to this time last year. Many think this could be the market turn we’ve been waiting for, but is it? Jason Miller will weigh in with his thoughts with our Economic Update. In addition to that we have all the latest recruiting and freight data, plus we’ll discuss the CVSA’s upcoming Brake Safety Week.

Hiring Mechanics: What We’ve Learned | Digging Deeper

Dave discusses mechanic hiring insights

On this episode of Digging Deeper, Dave and his guests will cover the ins and outs of AI and how it’s being utilized in today’s business landscape. From predictive analytics, to machine learning, to large language models (LLMs), our team discusses what’s available, how it can be used, and how some out there may be distorting what is involved with their AI approach.

White House Creates Zero-Emissions Freight Sector | 30 Day Reset

The Zero-Emission Freight Sector

It appears as though truck drivers were waiting until the start of the new year to begin looking for new jobs in earnest. There was a major spike in search activity through the first half of January. The increase in search activity is more than a 30% MoM increase, and is on pace to reach the fourth highest level on record!