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Hiring Mechanics: What We’ve Learned | Digging Deeper

Dave discusses mechanic hiring insights

On this episode of Digging Deeper, Dave and his guests will cover the ins and outs of AI and how it’s being utilized in today’s business landscape. From predictive analytics, to machine learning, to large language models (LLMs), our team discusses what’s available, how it can be used, and how some out there may be distorting what is involved with their AI approach.

Yard Worker Calling | Listening In

Yard Worker Calling Image

Seth kicks off 2024 with a special guest. On today’s show, Emily Gordon chats with Seth about her talent acquisition experience, Randall Reilly’s Talent Partners team, and gives some thoughts on a call from a yard worker looking to get an interview.

Randall Reilly Partners: RP0 2.0

RPO 2.0

Randall Reilly Partners™ increases operational efficiency through a combination of proprietary data and custom technology. We believe our deep integration in our industries, technological development, and world-class personnel uniquely position us to create holistic talent acquisition strategies.

Emily Gordon Spearheads New RPO Team

Partners, Press Release, Statement

Randall Reilly announces the launch of Randall Reilly Partners, a new division for recruiting process outsourcing, strategic consulting, and training services.

Employment Trends & Overcoming Hiring Barriers | Digging Deeper

Employment Trends & Overcoming Hiring Barriers

Senior VP of Randall Reilly’s Talent Partners, Emily Gordon, and Director of Talent Partners, Steve Squier, join Dave to talk about all the latest employment trends. They also dive into what Randall Reilly’s new Talent division can do to help fleets meet their driver recruiting needs.