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What is Changing at Randall-Reilly?

You may know us as the “magazine guys.” Which is fine; we are proud of our portfolio of world class publications we produce. Our editors are award-winning, and through brands like CCJ, Equipment World, and Overdrive, we have developed loyal audiences within the trucking and construction industries.

But things are changing around here. While our brands will continue to be produced, they are but one cog on the gear.

We have recently passed through the fires of an arduous branding process which changed many things.  In particular the tagline was changed: “Your audience is here.”

This new tagline, in essence, is what we are about. We want to give you an audience . . . and help you convert that audience into your customers (or drivers).

So where do you start?

Advertising with Randall-Reilly used to begin with an ad in a magazine. Now, for you it begins with data. IBM reports that 90% of data available was gathered within the last two years. Data is more readily available than ever before. The difference in our data lies in the quality. We gather ours from reputable sources and meticulously clean and organize it.

We want to provide more than just data, we want to give our clients actionable insights. With data you can identify who will make up your new audience.

What happens next?

The right data answers many questions, who and where your audience is, their buying affinities, and so on. While knowing these answers is highly valuable, this does not really give you an audience. For a group of people to be considered your audience, they have to be listening. People will tune out the voices they don’t recognize.

This is where our brands and media come in.  Your audience knows our voice via our many established brands and media channels. Through paid media you can introduce yourself to them. Because of data, you know you are being introduced to the right audience.

And then next?

You know who your audience is, and they know who you are. Now it is time to market to them. Because of data, you know you are targeting the right people. Because of media, your communications are more readily consumed. Through custom content development, performance marketing, and custom events, your message is spread through your audience.

As they begin to rely on you for information and solutions you begin to capture leads and form relationships.

Are we there yet?

No, we’re not! As you capture new leads and conversions are measured, the results are turned into more data. Your marketing efforts become increasingly effective and streamlined as the data is qualified.

So what is changing around here? New hires are being made to ensure we are able to offer all the latest technologies. New collateral is being written. Websites are being redesigned. Mobile apps, social media managers, and content marketing strategies are part of everyday life here at Randall-Reilly. Data is deeply embedded in all of our processes.

We still produce the award-winning editorial that you have come to know us for, but we offer much more now. Rather than being a replacement, our new offerings serve to increase the value of our brands and vice versa.

Your audience is here. Let us introduce you.

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