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The 2 Pronged Approach to Recruiting Diesel Techs

Diesel Engine Blueprint

We all know fleets are hurting for drivers right now, but there is another area that fleets are struggling with as well. As important as it is to find drivers to man the trucks and keep them moving, it’s just as important to have qualified diesel techs to maintain those trucks. With increased competition from […]

Here’s How One Company Found the Diesel Techs They Needed

diesel tech working on engine

I opened the last article I wrote about diesel techs with a very pensive Paula Cole reference (‘Where have all the diesel techs gone?’). I don’t think we can top that today, so let’s just dive in. After all, I don’t wanna wait, for our lives to be over. Sorry not sorry. Back to diesel […]

5 Savvy Ways to Recruit Diesel Techs

view beneath a truck

In her 1996 hit single, Paula Cole wondered ‘where have all the cowboys gone?’ Not to diminish the importance of cowboys, or their whereabouts, but a more pertinent question today is: Where have all the diesel techs gone? There’s no denying the diesel tech shortage is a real and urgent thing. Not enough young folks […]