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Here’s How One Company Found the Diesel Techs They Needed

I opened the last article I wrote about diesel techs with a very pensive Paula Cole reference (‘Where have all the diesel techs gone?’). I don’t think we can top that today, so let’s just dive in. After all, I don’t wanna wait, for our lives to be over.
Sorry not sorry.
Back to diesel techs, and how to find the ones you need. There is a shortage out there so it pays to have a plan. The competition to hire the best is fierce.
Despite the shortage of qualified techs, we were able to help out a client of ours (Transervice) through a digital-savvy approach. Here’s what ended up driving results for them.
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A Case Study

Transervice, a leading fleet transportation company with over 1,100 professionals in over 120 locations across North America, had a need for techs in specific areas throughout the U.S. and Canada. This was a bit of a pickle, as finding diesel techs is hard enough in this day and age, much less finding techs with specific training who also live within a reasonable distance of Milwaukee. Or El Paso. Or Flin Flon, Manitoba. You get the idea.
In order to find the right people for the job(s), we turned to our magnificent Performance Marketing team, who prescribed a campaign mix of Facebook Advertising, Job Aggregators, and Geo-Targeting to reach this very selective audience.
For the Facebook portion, we used our audience as well as lookalike audiences to craft a custom list, who were targeted with Transervice ads. Using FB’s geographic targeting parameters, we ensured only those who lived near the areas where Transervice was looking to hire would see the ads.
As for the job aggregators, we listed very specific job postings that were geo-targeted around the areas where Transervice was in need of technicians.
All ad clicks led to a landing page where position details and hiring locations were listed, as well as options to contact a recruiter, fill out a form, or send their number for a recruiter to call them. We also made sure Transervice could also measure results on the landing page, whether it was forms filled or number of calls, so they could track the campaign’s performance.
The four-month campaign was a success. Transervice ended up with 674 solid diesel tech leads, including 349 call leads. Beyond the influx of qualified leads, the campaign’s 12,699 clicks and 67,000+ impressions was a boon for Transervice’s brand awareness.
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What Will Work For You?

There’s no silver bullet to finding diesel technicians. Each case requires a personalized tactical approach. The good news is they are out there, and we can help you find them.
Now more than ever, recruiting techs is a high-tech game. That requires strategy, direction, and digital know-how. We’re here to help you target, reach, and recruit the talented techs you need to make your business boom.  
*If you’d like to read the Transervice Case Study in its entirety, you can do so here. Or if you’d like to talk about recruiting diesel techs, give us a holler anytime.