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Coronavirus is Here and We Need Our Truckers More Than Ever

Truckers will Help Us Beat Coronavirus

We often forget just how fragile we humans are. In today’s modern age, widespread epidemics seem like a thing of the past. Especially in places like here in the United States. Modern vaccines and antibiotics have helped us stave off deadly viruses and illnesses that would have once ravaged us. That is…until coronavirus. Or more […]

Trucking’s Top Rookie for 2019 is . . .

Winner of the 2019 Trucking's Top Rookie is....

Listen to the article: This year’s Great American Trucking Show has come and gone. One of the many featured events at this year’s show was announcing the winner of the 2019 Mike O’Connell Trucking’s Top Rookie Award. This year’s winner is Stevens Transport driver and Army veteran, Dwight Arnold. Though new to the business, the […]

Last Chance to Nominate Trucking’s Top Rookie

Nominate Trucking's Next Top Rookie

Listen to the article: Don’t miss out on your chance to nominate your pick for trucking’s top rookie. The winner of the 2019 Mike O’Connell Trucking’s Top Rookie Award will be announced on August 23rd at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas at this year’s Great American Trucking Show (GATS). In addition […]

16 Common Mistakes That Stifle Your Recruiting (Part 2 of 2)

16 Recruiting Mistakes

When focused on the whirlwind of trying to hire drivers, it can be tough to pinpoint the mistakes that are getting in the way of your recruiting process. In our last article, we looked at eight of the common mistakes that stifle recruiting. We would like to outline eight more to help you identify which […]

16 Common Mistakes That Stifle Your Recruiting (Part 1 of 2)

Recruiting Mistakes

In the current world of recruiting, competition is high. You and your competitors are fishing for the same truck drivers in the same shrinking pool of drivers searching for jobs. It takes highly effective recruiting to get ahead of your competition. The issue is that a fundamental step in creating an effective recruiting process is […]

Randall-Reilly Expands Driver Recruiting Portfolio


Randall-Reilly is announcing – today – the acquisition of from Conversion Interactive Agency. This acquisition expands our portfolio of driver recruiting services. The website brings with it a well-rounded online presence through its social media and blog. It also gives us access to an entire database of drivers to provide leads for Randall-Reilly clients. […]

Randall-Reilly Announces Finalists for Trucking’s Top Rookie Award

Trucking's Top Rookie

It’s that time of year again, and we’re excited to announce the finalists in the 2015 Mike O’Connell Memorial Trucking’s Top Rookie contest. There were many entries into this year’s competition, and it was an incredibly tough decision. With the help of an expert panel of judges, including representatives from both public and private training […]