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Talent Acquisition Tips: Do I Need a Landing Page?

5 Ways You Should be Using Your Landing Pages.

It’s not a matter of do you need a landing page, but rather what experience you need to deliver to candidates. A landing page, in some circumstances, is the best way to deliver that experience. Here are 5 big reasons you need to use a landing page.

3 Tips for Recruiters Building Mobile Landing Pages

mobile marketing

There is no doubt commercial truck driver demographics show an aging workforce. It’s one of the biggest concerns for the industry over the next 10 to 20 years. While drivers may be aging, they are still adapting to new technologies and media habits. We’ve seen big changes in technology usage over the past few years, […]

Part 1 of 3: Stats About Company Drivers Every Recruiter Needs to Know

Hopefully you have already downloaded the 2014 Company Driver Connectivity Study and read it thoroughly. If you haven’t, go ahead and do that. Its fine. I’ll wait…. You’re back? Great! So now you have all of this knowledge about how company drivers consume content, use the internet, and look for jobs. The next step is […]