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Talent Acquisition Tips: Do I Need a Landing Page?

Though I am the one asking the question, I must preface this blog with saying, it’s not that simple of a question. It’s not a matter of do you need a landing page, but rather what experience you need to deliver to candidates. A landing page, in some circumstances, is the best way to deliver that experience. With that said, here are 5 reasons you need to use a landing page.

1. Simplicity of Messaging

Job boards and your own careers page are usually littered with lots of job openings comprising different roles, different pay ranges, different benefits, and different qualifications. A landing page lets an employer highlight only pertinent information to the job seeker. Applicants are most likely only interested in one position. A landing page ensures they only see information relating to the job they are interested in. Considering most job searches occur in a mobile environment, being able to deliver concise and relevant information quickly is a huge advantage.

2. Mobile Responsive Environment

Sites must be responsive.
resoponsive design

We’ve already mentioned it, but the vast majority of job searches occur on mobile devices. In fact, 67% of applications are filled out on a mobile device. Using a landing page allows you to not only be mobile responsive, but to tailor your entire application experience to the mobile environment. This includes applications, click-to-call features, and navigation. Another consideration is load times. If your career site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you’re for sure losing traffic and potential high quality candidates.

3. Tracking & Transparency

This isn’t as much about the candidate experience, but it is paramount to a good talent acquisition process. You need good insight into your pipeline of candidates in order to optimize and improve. A landing page will more easily let you track bounce rates and abandonment rates on forms. You can use tracked phone numbers to understand where your applicants are coming from, along with tracked links to see the origin of your traffic. A landing page isn’t absolutely necessary for these features, but it is imperative that you can track all these data points.

4. Advertise Company Culture

Your Culture is Your Brand
promote your company culture

A landing page gives you the room to showcase your employer brand. You can clearly communicate your company’s culture through testimonials, videos, and other compelling content. You could even bring in positive reviews. Company culture is an integral component of why candidates apply for jobs. It’s hard to showcase that on a page filled with multiple roles.

5. Direct Remarketing

It’s inevitable that some users will bounce; whether it’s on a landing page, job board, or career page. However this isn’t always due to lack of interest or a bad user experience. Being able to remarket in order to capture the exact job information they are looking for specifically is a huge bonus. If a potential candidate views a page with multiple positions, this is all but impossible to do.

Do you need a landing page? If you can accomplish all of the above without one, then maybe not. However this is not an exhaustive list. Let’s just say most of the career pages we come across aren’t cutting it. And if you want a simple, elegant solution for all of the above tips, fill out the form below to request your demo of Stratas Reach. 

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