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You’re Being Misled About AI!!!

Artificial Intelligence Image

Talent acquisition is always evolving. Staying ahead means embracing new technology, and right now, everyone is buzzing about Artificial Intelligence.

Answering AI’s Questions About Recruiting | Listening In

Seth answers AI's questions about recruiting

AI is a really hot topic lately. Everyone is constantly trying to figure out the best way to harness the technology, and it’s not uncommon for people in all industries to ask various AI programs questions. But what happens when AI asks YOU a question? We find out on today’s Listening In.

Don’t Fall for These AI Grifts | Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper Talks About Common AI Myths with Katie Boyer, Chad Lillian, and Nick Reid

On this episode of Digging Deeper, Dave and his guests will cover the ins and outs of AI and how it’s being utilized in today’s business landscape. From predictive analytics, to machine learning, to large language models (LLMs), our team discusses what’s available, how it can be used, and how some out there may be distorting what is involved with their AI approach.