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90% of Fleets Fail to Do This ONE Thing | Digging Deeper

90% of Fleets Fail to Do This One Thing

There’s one thing that most fleets are totally neglecting. That one thing could be the missing ingredient to your recruiting success. What is that one thing? Watch today’s episode with guests Zack Flippo and Kyle Jernigan to find out!

3 Ways to Improve Your Driver Recruiting with Marketing Principles

Driver Recruiting

What exactly does marketing have to do with driver recruiting? On the face of it, they seem like two entirely separate subjects. Marketing is all about reaching potential customers and if successful, hopefully forming a positive relationship with them. Does that sound familiar? What if we replace customers with drivers? “Reaching potential customers (drivers) and […]

Four Common Recruiting Mistakes We See

Trouble recruiting drivers? We can help you recruit truck drivers the right way.

We work with a broad array of clients to help them generate more driver leads. We helped drive more than 1 million leads last year, in fact.   Working with so many clients gives us unique insight into the world of truck driver recruiting. We see it all! We see what strategies work, and we […]

Content Marketing for Recruiting Drivers: Yea or Nay?

Content Marketing for recruiting

Recruiting is essentially marketing. And if you have paid attention to marketing trends in the last five years or so, you have probably come across the concept of content marketing. It’s all the rage these days. But does it fit within the realm of recruiting truck drivers? The short answer is yes. However, it isn’t […]

Construction Industry Marketing

It wasn’t too long ago that construction dealer marketing meant placing an ad in the yellow pages and hanging flags during an open house. Today, the vast number of tactics and channels are staggering, if not a little overwhelming. The good news: all these new marketing outlets have leveled the playing field, making it much […]