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Yard Jockeys Ep. 3 | Guest: Blair Ewell

Blair Ewell - USA Truck

USA Truck’s SVP, Truckload Operations, Blair Ewell joins David to discuss how USA Truck turned things around after enduring the “lost decade”, substantially reduced driver turnover, and got things back on track by resetting the entire company’s culture.

What Can You Learn from Driver Turnover?

driver turnover graphic image

Listen to the article: In the end driver recruiting is a numbers game. You need to find the right drivers to fill your empty trucks and get them on the road. The more trucks you have sitting idle, the more money you stand to lose. On the face of it, it wouldn’t seem like getting […]

Does Your Fleet Embrace a Driver-Centric Culture?

Driver-Centric Culture

A company’s culture defines who they are. The same thing applies to your fleet. Your values and goals say a lot about your company and what you stand for. I’ve talked about how important company culture is to marketers before in the article, Your Company Identity and Culture Can be the Key to Success. While […]