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5 Ways to Improve Your Fleet’s Driver Recruiting

Improve Your Recruiting

When it comes to truck driver recruiting, all trucking fleets have essentially the same goal: find, target, and hire the right truck drivers for their fleet. That’s where things get tricky. What can you do to make sure you’re not only targeting and reaching the quality drivers your fleet needs, but hiring them as well? […]

How to Effectively Target Truck Drivers

How to Effectively Target Drivers

Keeping your trucks on the road with the drivers you need is a difficult task. The driver pool of quality drivers is limited and every time a competing fleet hires a driver that limited pool becomes even smaller. How can you keep from falling behind? Today’s video will cover a few ways to help you […]

Why Video is Great for Recruiting Drivers

Use Video for Recruiting

When it comes to driver recruiting, you do a lot to convince drivers you’re the right pick. You empathize with their pain and offer solutions. You cater to their interests. You demonstrate how what you offer is the right match for their needs and preferences. Despite all your efforts, you still fall short when it […]

How to Stay on Top of the Shrinking Driver Pool

Drivers Wanted ad

This year, a concern has been raised in the driver recruiting world and it’s bringing up very specific questions, many of which we’ve heard from our clients. Why is cost-per-hire going up? Why is cost-per-lead more? Why is the number of hires going down though there’s been no change in yearly/monthly budget? It would be […]

Tell Stories and Win Drivers

Driver Recruiting with Content Marketing

Once upon a time . . .   Do you already feel drawn in? Are your levels of concentration increased? Science would say so. Storytelling is our primary method of communication. In fact, 65% of our communication is made up of personal stories and gossip. We remember what we hear when it’s told in story […]

Is Your Social Media Advertising Reaching Drivers?

Reaching Drivers with Social Media

The list of social media platforms is constantly growing. The popularity and usage of each platform on that list is constantly growing. The number of drivers who fit your hiring criteria who happen to be using each platform on that list is constantly . . .you get the idea. This constant growth creates endless opportunities […]

4 Effective Recruiting Methods You May be Underutilizing

4 Effective Recruiting Methods

Recruiting truck drivers is a constant struggle. The demand for drivers still outweighs the current supply. Today’s fleet numbers are constantly in flux, almost continuously gaining and losing drivers. To be successful, companies and their recruiting partners must have an effective recruiting strategy. There are many ways to approach recruiting and it’s very easy to […]

Content Marketing is the Secret Weapon for Effective Recruiting

Content Marketing Used for Recruiting

Recruiting qualified truck drivers can be difficult and extremely competitive. Trucking fleets and their recruiting partners must find a way to capture a prospective driver’s attention. Everyday people are flooded with ads across all forms of media. The drivers that fleets are looking for are no different. The average prospect sees between 300 and 3,000 […]

Six Ways to Make the Most of Recruiting Phone Calls

Old Phone Tactics Don't Work to Recruit Drivers

Benjamin Franklin once said “Time is money.” He would’ve made a great driver recruiter with that mindset (if all that being a scientist, statesman, printer, politician, postmaster, author, inventor, and diplomat stuff didn’t work out.) Much of recruiting is about efficiency, and time. As in, how do you make the most of it? How do […]

Addressing Potential Pain Points in Your Recruiting Content Marketing

Marketing Automation for Recruiting Truck Drivers

Money, miles, and home time are the undisputed ‘big 3’ of truck driver recruiting. Everybody cares about those things. But drivers have plenty of other questions, concerns, expectations, and aspirations that factor into whether or not they apply. Parking, hours of service, life on the road, benefits, perks, industry regulations, the future of trucking … […]