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How to Talk About Your Recruiting Budget

Know how to get the recruiting budget you need

Listen to the article: Unless your fleet has zero turnover and no plans to grow, odds are you have to spend some money recruiting truck drivers. Which means you probably have a budget with which to recruit said truck drivers. And unless you own the fleet, you probably have to ask for that budget from […]

How to Benchmark Your Online Truck Driver Recruiting Advertising

Benchmark Your Driver Recruiting Advertising

Listen to the article: When it comes to advertising online, it can be difficult to tell if your efforts are really working. You get this report from your vendor that shows all these results and metrics, but it can be hard to determine which of these results truly indicate success. It leaves you wondering if […]

What Really Affects Your Cost-Per-Hire?

What Really Affects Your Cost-Per-Hire?

Listen to the article: When you are trying to increase the efficiency of your recruiting strategy, it makes sense to get as much out of your recruiting budget as possible. So one of every fleet’s main goals is to hire as many drivers as possible at minimal cost. This makes the metric of cost-per-hire highly […]

Start Your Recruiting Year Off Right


Listen to the article: It happened. Another year is gone. 2018 we barely knew ye. Now that the new year is here it’s time to shake off the holidays and get back to work. And if you’re in the market for new drivers, which if you’re a fleet you are, January could be one of […]

Why Is My Cost-Per-Lead Going Up?

owner operators

You’re sitting at your desk one day, looking through a stack of reports, when you see it. You stop. Your eyes widen. It’s an overview of your advertising spend, and your cost-per-lead has tripled! What happened? You have to answer the question now. Frantically you get on the phone with your different advertising and media […]

The Most Important Metric to Track When Recruiting Truck Drivers

Many bundle of US 100 dollars bank notes

I know I should bury the lead so that you read the entire way down the page, but I can’t help myself. Cost Per Hire (CPH) is the most important metric for a recruiter to track. How do you figure out your cost per hire? Of course, that is easy. Take the amount you spent […]