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Driver Appreciation Ideas

Driver-Centric Image - We Love Our Drivers!

In an effort to get a bit more mileage out of the recent “Truck Driver Appreciation Week” — which should ideally be more of a year-round kind of thing — we wanted to devote some space to trucker gratitude. They toil under stressful, often harsh conditions, and they deserve genuine, tangible shows of appreciation. Whether […]

Want to Attract More Drivers? Get Driver-Centric

Driver-Centric Image - We Love Our Drivers!

Drive past any company truck on the interstate and you’re likely to see some variation of DRIVERS WANTED. Most trucks also feature a platitude like ‘We Love Our Drivers,’ which apparently is supposed to make drivers want to do a Jason Bourne-style leap from their current rig into the truck with the reassuring language on […]