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Does Lead Attribution Really Matter?

How Lead Attribution Impacts Your Driver Recruiting

When it comes to getting the most out of your driver recruiting campaigns, lead attribution can be a vital part of the equation. We recently spoke about several of the different kinds of attribution models available to you. If you missed that one or just want a quick refresher, you can find that video here. […]

Your Lead Attribution Has Been Weighed, Measured…and Found Wanting

How's Your Driver Recruiting Lead Attribution Doing?

Do you know where your driver leads are coming from? Being able to accurately track data and measure exactly where your leads are coming from allows you to pursue and hire more QUALITY drivers. In today’s video we’ll cover some of the most common attribution models used to track leads today. Listen to the Audio […]

Is Data the Missing Piece of Your Recruiting Strategy?

Understanding Lead Velocity

Being able to effectively gather, analyze, and use data is a crucial part of operating a successful recruiting campaign. Raw numbers tell you part of the story, but to truly achieve maximum potential with any campaign it’s necessary to dig deeper into the plethora of data available. No matter how you go about analyzing this […]

Which Lead Attribution Model is Right for Your Recruiting?

The Right Leads

How can you know which campaigns, or specific channels within a driver recruiting campaign are working? Monitoring where leads and conversions are coming from allows you to see which campaigns or channels are performing and which ones aren’t. Accurate lead attribution leads to more efficient spend allocations. In the big picture, lead attribution tracks and […]