Simplify Your Recruiting

Simplify Your Recruiting

Stratas is Randall Reilly’s all-new modular platform designed with you in mind and built from the ground up to help simplify your recruiting process.

Stop Letting Your Driver Leads Go Cold

Don't Waste Your Driver Leads by Letting Them Go Cold

If you fail to convert your leads into hires, you are never going to be able to reach your recruiting goals. If you are struggling to get the hires you are after are you falling short because you have a lack of leads, or are you failing to convert leads you’ve already generated? Stop letting […]

What is Your Favorite Driver Recruiting Lead?

Mobile Devices

If you are a driver recruiter, and I assume you are, then you are awesome. Because of your efforts to keep your trucks on the road, your company has survived probably the worst driver crisis in the history of the industry. That is impressive, and you should be commended for you results. Congratulations! However, you […]