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The Top 4 Digital Trends for Recruiting Truck Drivers

Driver Communication

Recruiting truck drivers can be daunting and that’s understandable.Recruiting truck drivers is not exactly the easiest thing to do these days. But there’s hope. Light at the end of the tunnel, if you will. Looking at the big trends that affect driver recruiting can give you insight into some of the best ways to reach […]

How to Counter 4 Myths About Flatbed Truck Driving

Flatbed on the Road

A huge factor in the success of recruiting truck drivers comes down to knowing your audience and knowing how to talk to them. Recruiting qualified drivers for flatbed trucks can be fairly difficult. In addition to battling other fleets for the best possible drivers, when recruiting flatbed drivers it’s important to address the reputation of […]

Could Women be the Answer to the Driver Shortage?

Are Women Drivers the Answer_

Everyone is well aware of the current driver shortage the trucking industry is facing. The problem could be on the verge of getting even worse. The amount of freight shipped in the United States is growing by leaps and bounds. It is now estimated that the country will need 96,000 new drivers per year to […]