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Yard Jockeys Ep. 7 | “Did Jason Miller Predict All of 2022?!”

Did Jason Miller Predict ALL of 2022?!

On the premiere episode of Yard Jockeys, Jason Miller joined Dave to discuss what he thought 2022 had in store for us. Today he’s back, as our first-ever repeat guest, to talk about how his predictions panned out. Were his prognostications correct? Find out in today’s episode.

Yard Jockeys Ep. 5 | Guest: Ed Kentner

Guest: Ed Kentner

National Carriers, Inc. Director of Social Media, Ed Kentner, joins the show to discuss how he utilizes social media platforms to connect and engage with drivers. A former director of recruiting, Ed has grown National Carriers, Inc.’s reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and most recently TikTok.

Yard Jockeys Ep. 4 | Guest: Jeremy Stickling

Certified Red and Driver Advancement w/ Jeremy Stickling

Nussbaum Transportation’s Chief Administrative Officer, Jeremy Stickling, joins the show to talk about their Certified Red program, how switching to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) has impacted the company, and much more.

Yard Jockeys Ep. 3 | Guest: Blair Ewell

Blair Ewell - USA Truck

USA Truck’s SVP, Truckload Operations, Blair Ewell joins David to discuss how USA Truck turned things around after enduring the “lost decade”, substantially reduced driver turnover, and got things back on track by resetting the entire company’s culture.

Yard Jockeys Ep. 2 | Guest: Katie Love

Katie Love discusses driver retention

WorkHound Marketing Manager, Katie Love, joins the show to discuss all things driver retention. Dave and Katie discuss what it’s like working with a younger generation of drivers, what she saw as driver retention trends in 2021, and much much more.