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You’re Being Misled About AI!!!

Artificial Intelligence Image

Talent acquisition is always evolving. Staying ahead means embracing new technology, and right now, everyone is buzzing about Artificial Intelligence.

The A-Park-olypse is Here

Trucking has a major parking problem

According to the 2023 Truck Parking Shortage Survey conducted by CloudTrucks, up to 56% of the general public is completely unaware there even is a parking shortage.

Your Guide to Hiring Diesel Mechanics | Ebook

Your Guide to Diesel Mechanics

Built from both internal and external resources, this ebook was created to give you these insights and provide you with the tools you need to secure the industry’s best diesel mechanics.

Shaping Expectations for 2023 – Benchmarks to Make Your 2023 Better

Shaping Your 2023 Expectations

As we move through 2023, there are indications that it may actually be trucking fleets who now have all the options. According to our research, the supply of drivers is outpacing the need for drivers for once, which means fleets can now be much more selective and not just look for drivers … but look for the right drivers. 

Driver Perspectives on Safety & Equipment – In the Driver’s Seat Ebook Series

In the Driver's Seat ebook series

If your equipment doesn’t meet the basic expectations of most drivers, you will find it increasingly difficult to hire for your fleet. By gaining an understanding of drivers’ demands for the age of their truck, maintenance expectations, and opinions on safety regulations, you have the opportunity to better position yourself against competitors and land more hires. 

Lawmakers Battle Hidden Pay With New Laws

What New Regulations for Pay Mean for You and Your Fleet Image

A recent drastic change that many states in the US are making is passing legislation that increases pay transparency by requiring salary disclosures on job posts. But what exactly is changing and how do these changes affect you?

How Pay Affects Driver Retention – In the Driver’s Seat Ebook Series

In the Driver's Seat ebook

Our new eBook series was put together using our vast amount of driver data to help you learn what moves the needle for drivers. Each edition covers a different recruiting issue and is compiled in an easy-to-read format. The first eBook in our series contains loads of data, driver quotes, and helpful infographics to help […]

Emily Gordon Spearheads New RPO Team

Partners, Press Release, Statement

Randall Reilly announces the launch of Randall Reilly Partners, a new division for recruiting process outsourcing, strategic consulting, and training services.

Stop Getting Ghosted!!!

Don't get ghosted by drivers

Why do drivers ghost recruiters? Are there signs that drivers are about to ghost you? What can recruiters do to mitigate this problem? Today we will tackle these questions and help you get more drivers into trucks.