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Talent Acquisition Tips: Do I Need a Landing Page?

5 Ways You Should be Using Your Landing Pages.

It’s not a matter of do you need a landing page, but rather what experience you need to deliver to candidates. A landing page, in some circumstances, is the best way to deliver that experience. Here are 5 big reasons you need to use a landing page.

Lawmakers Battle Hidden Pay With New Laws

What New Regulations for Pay Mean for You and Your Fleet Image

A recent drastic change that many states in the US are making is passing legislation that increases pay transparency by requiring salary disclosures on job posts. But what exactly is changing and how do these changes affect you?

Weekly Driver Recruiting Report – October 5, 2022

Thousands of Trucks Recalled!

The Weekly Report brings you updated data on recruiting metrics including click, search, and spot rates, plus a new story of the week. This week’s story – Thousands of trucks have been recalled due to a connecting pin issue!

Weekly Driver Recruiting Report – September 21, 2022

Required Trucker OT Pay Coming?

The Weekly Report brings you updated data on recruiting metrics including click, search, and spot rates, plus a new story of the week. This week’s story – Required truck driver overtime pay could be on the horizon.

Emily Gordon Spearheads New RPO Team

Partners, Press Release, Statement

Randall Reilly announces the launch of Randall Reilly Partners, a new division for recruiting process outsourcing, strategic consulting, and training services.

What Can Stratas Do for You?

Simplify Your Recruiting

Technology should simplify your talent acquisition, not make it more complicated. Stratas combines 5 modules to streamline your recruiting and make it easier to hire better and grow your business.

Simplify Your Recruiting

Simplify Your Recruiting

Stratas is Randall Reilly’s all-new modular platform designed with you in mind and built from the ground up to help simplify your recruiting process.

The Currency of Fleet Reputation (Part 2)

Importance of Your Fleet Rep

In a recent survey by Truckers News, the most popular way for a driver to research a fleet was by talking to other drivers. The second most popular method was looking at online reviews from other drivers! Almost 70% of all research done by drivers is just finding out if other drivers would recommend your fleet! All signs point to your referral rate being the truest measurement of a driver’s sentiment towards your brand.

6 Losing Strategies for Fleet Growth: Strategy 1

Angry/Stressed man

As we’ve already talked about, the industry is in a crazy place. If you need more information on that topic, check out our first article in that series here. If you want to win, your recruiting needs to be nearly perfect. This new series will show you 6 strategies to avoid if you want any […]

5 ways to make your video marketing strategy shine

Camera recording two men

Video marketing is a major tactic for drawing attention to your brand and engaging prospects. It’s strategically flexible and lets you create content for each stage of the buyer’s journey and even build on existing content that you’ve already produced. The need to up your video marketing game is only increasing: Global internet traffic from […]