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Do online banners work for recruiting drivers?

The simple answer is yes. But I will take the time to plead my case to you. Let’s start with a simple fact. 67% of all professional drivers are online daily. If you add in the drivers that use the internet at least weekly, the number increases to around 90%.

First Point: 90% of drivers are online.

More Impressions, Less Money

We now have established the traffic is there. Let’s do a quick comparison between an online banner and a roadside billboard. No billboard will reach 90% of drivers. And the drivers that see it will more than likely see it no more than once a week. If we are comparing impression numbers, the online banner wins by a long shot.

Second Point: Online ads receive far more impressions

It’s not just about impressions.

Impressions aren’t really the name of the online banner game. When drivers were asked the most important reason they used the internet, job search ranked among the top 3. And you can bet as the driver demographic becomes younger, this function of the internet will increase dramatically. In other words, your banners are reaching drivers as they are searching for jobs.

Third Point: Online banners are seen at opportune times.

man looking at billboard

Immediate Decisions

Here is the part where online banners really start to prove their value. When a driver sees your ad, he can make an immediate decision. What does this mean? Hypothetically a drivers sees your ad on his smartphone. If he is interested, he simply uses the click-to-call feature and he is immediately on the phone with a recruiter. Maybe he is on his laptop and clicks the “apply now” button. He can fill out an application that is immediately sent your way. You can’t generate that kind of reaction from a billboard.

Fourth Point: Online ads let drivers get in touch conveniently

What kind of driver do you want?

Now here is the real home run of online advertising. Many carriers are after a very specific type of driver. Using online behaviors, geo-targeting, pages viewed, and search you can target very specific types of drivers. Do you want to reach mostly owner-operators? That’s doable. Want to target the students at a specific driving school? That is also easily done. You can target flatbed drivers, teams, or pretty much any type of driver.

Fifth Point: Online ads can target only the types of drivers you need.

Summing It Up

You know drivers are getting online and look for jobs when they get online. These facts alone mean you are already beating the capabilities of most advertising. Add to this the ability of banners to connect you with drivers immediately, and the fact the you can target only the drivers you want, using online banners is a no brainer for recruiters.

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