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Four New Year’s Resolutions for Driver Recruiters

red truck in a field

Though the ball has dropped (much to the chagrin of Mariah Carey and all those folks who got roped into doing the Whole30 Diet), and many of us have already probably faltered in our 2017 goals, there’s still time to make resolutions for the new year. If you’re in the business of recruiting truck drivers, […]

Mean Girl Email Metrics

Mean Girls Meme

The numbers are saying mean things about your email marketing behind your back. Oh no she didn’t! Your rep is being totes ruined, and you don’t even know about it. That’s cra cra! If you want to be in the cool marketing clique, you had better get your email marketing legit! If you have ever […]

5 Ways to Fix The Broken Recruiting Lifecycle


If your position puts you in charge of recruiting truck drivers, there is no question that you have a tough job. It doesn’t matter if you are recruiting owner-operators, company drivers or specific certifications. Recruiting truck drivers is competitive and has a massive effect on your fleet’s bottom line. If you aren’t getting the drivers […]

Lead Nurturing for Driver Recruiting

Driver Recruiting

Most carriers understand the importance of brand awareness with drivers. Most do a pretty good job with it. While brand awareness is extremely important, impressions alone are not enough to capture every driver you need. Many drivers will need multiple touch points before they will commit to driving for a company. This is where lead […]