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What to Focus on When You DON’T Need Drivers | Digging Deeper

Fleet's Full. Now What?

Many fleets find themselves in a bit of a pickle. They don’t actually need drivers at the moment. After years of go, go, go! – It’s hard to know exactly what to do in a time like this. What can your fleet focus on to continue to grow and bring value if not on drivers? In the Season 3 premiere of Digging Deeper, Dave and his guests, Seth Becker and Kyle Jernigan, sit down to discuss the topic.

Webinar: New Ways to Recruit Drivers on Facebook and YouTube

recruiting truck drivers

In a tough recruiting market, driver recruiters have to be capable of targeting their advertising. It’s a constant struggle, regardless of where or what fleet you work for. The biggest areas for improvement: Facebook and YouTube. In this spirit of improvement, we have a webinar specifically for driver recruiters. Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18, 2015, you’ll […]