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2 Calls – 1 Recruiter. Does a Year Make a Difference? (Part 1) | Listening In with Seth

Are you any better at your job today than you were a year ago? Does a year really make a difference? That’s what we’re going to be taking a look at today.

Seth is joined by Scott Maldonado to listen to not one, but two calls. Together they’ll listen to how the same recruiter handles two different calls about a year apart. Does the year really make a difference in the recruiter’s performance or the outcome of the call? Has the recruiter improved in any way? Or … are they just going through the motions? Watch to find out what the guys have to say.


Special Guest: Scott Maldonado

Scott Maldonado serves as Randall Reilly’s Vice President of Trucking Operations. He has worked with over 200 fleets to enhance their operations through training and process efficiencies. His background includes over two decades in transportation, recruiting, and leadership. 

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how much experience did you say?