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3 Tips for Recruiting the Right Driver

We talk a lot about how hiring drivers can be difficult. It’s high stress, and your limited resources are strained. But don’t let that discourage you, because you are in a really good position to create campaigns to generate the applications you need.
Let me explain. You know a lot more about your recruiting needs than you think. You probably have a good idea about the type of driver you are needing to hire, the load they carry, their preferred haul, the locations you are hiring from, and possibly even the needs and concerns of local drivers. All of this translates into defining exactly what a win is for you, and can help you make smarter decisions in your recruiting.

Now, let’s take a look at exactly how knowing the drivers you need to recruit can help you create great recruiting campaigns.

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1. Understand Your Recruiting Needs

Like I said earlier, you already know a lot about the drivers you need. Understanding your own recruiting needs can help you make better decisions regarding what mediums and methods will generate the right application for your fleet.
For instance, if your fleet recruits from terminals, you can geo-target your ads based on the location of your terminal. On the other hand, if you recruiting across the country, you should target all of your ads around your different terminals.

Combining different targeting options can help you better get your ads in front of drivers actively looking for new jobs, but be sure to track your results so you know what works and what doesn’t.

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2. Address Driver Concerns

You are in a unique position to utilize content to directly address driver needs and concerns.  And the best part is, there isn’t much competition in the form of  driver-facing content that might decrease your potential impact among drivers.
Drivers are a very vocal group of individuals. If you aren’t aware of the needs and concerns of your drivers, all you have to do is ask. Having grown up around truckers, I can say from first hand experience they will definitely tell you without any beating around the bush.
Armed with this insight, you can use content to directly address what your fleet is doing to alleviate those problems. Owner-operators and company drivers have very different issues affecting them, even more so when you get down to a local level. By knowing exactly what driver you need to recruit and where they are, you can create targeted content to help you accomplish your win.

Remember, the content you create should be less focused on your fleet and concentrate on how you can help make your drivers great.

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3. Get Rid of Guesswork

Equally important, you need to understand certain basic information about the different types of drivers you are looking to hire. We have conducted a lot of research about drivers and the way they are staying connected, and you can learn a lot about how you should be setting up your recruiting campaigns.
Company drivers are younger and well connected. They are more likely to check email daily and watch videos online. They are also interested in finding job resources online, both on industry sites and through online search tools.
On the other hand, owner-operators are older and more traditional. Many attend the same events, go to the same websites, and end up at the same truck stops as company drivers. However, an owner-operator’s purpose is much different. Always remember that owner-operators are small business owners who are worried about the success and failure of their business.

If you understand basic information about driver populations then you can optimize your campaigns to get the best outcome.

You probably understand a lot more about drivers than you realize. Hopefully you talk with and learn from them on a daily basis (if you don’t, you should). By getting to know your drivers you can better get the applications you need for your fleet.
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