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3 Quick Tips for Driver Recruiting from Home

Many fleets have sent those who can, to work from home. Included in this group, would-be recruiters. Any time you change the routine it adds some challenges.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you be more efficient while recruiting from home.

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1. Record Branded and Professional Voicemails

Professional and Branded VoicemailsLet’s be honest. When we work from home, we aren’t glued to our seats nearly as tightly as we are in the office. You get the hankering for some Cool Ranch Doritos, your kids are screaming in the background, and the dryer just went off. Point is, you’re going to miss some calls from prospective drivers, and those drivers are going to hear your voicemails.
You don’t want them to hear “What’s up!?! This is T-Bone, you know what to do at the beep!” This would be confusing and more than likely, the driver would assume he had been transferred to the wrong number. If you are forwarding calls to personal cell phones, it would be wise to have each recruiter record a branded and professional voicemail. If you have multiple recruiters, it would be best if each voicemail was the same.
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2. Use Google Voice Numbers

Use Google Voice NumbersSome of the above mishaps could be avoided by setting up Google Voice numbers. Honestly, it could get annoying and troublesome to use one number for business and personal purposes. With a Google Voice number, you could set up a separate phone number that forwards to whatever phone numbers you choose based on routing rules.
So if drivers call the Google Voice number, it would get routed to the recruiters’ cell phone, but you could see driver calls separately and have a separate voicemail for that number. Obviously this line would be the aforementioned professional and branded voicemail. You can also set up the Google Voice routing rules to have specific timeframes, so you’re not waking up to a call at 3:00 a.m.
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3. Download a Missed Call Report Each Day

Download Daily ReportsYou may have seen this tip in our latest quick tip from quarantine video. Let’s face it. With all of the call forwarding and working from home, some phone calls will fall through the cracks.
That is unless you download a missed call report to see which leads were never engaged. It would be good practice to do this every day. However, I would amend my statement from the video and say download the report first thing in the morning as opposed to at the end of the day. This way you see all of the calls that came in after hours.