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3 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube to Recruit Drivers

The current driver shortage is making things difficult to keep trucks on the road, to say the least. As a driver recruiter you have to be willing to use every resource possible to make sure your trucks keep hauling freight.
Marketing offers a number of ways to do this, many of which you are probably already utilizing. But for many fleets, YouTube marketing is not readily recognized as a great tool. However, it offers a perfect opportunity for you to connect and engage with drivers.

YouTube videos can amplify your job posts, drive social shares, and create opportunities for you to communicate with prospective drivers.

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Use YouTube videos to amplify your job posts.

YouTube gives you an opportunity to amplify your job posts by creating value for drivers. Embed your videos with your job postings, and use them to present relevant information that drivers want to hear. And you make drivers pay more attention to the job postings too. Job posts with videos are viewed 12% more than those without, and have a 34% higher application rate.
This information can range from informing drivers about programs to employee testimonials. Videos can even include detailed descriptions of job postings or interesting stories relating to your fleet. For instance, you can post videos of your current employees as a way to add value for prospective drivers. The videos would provide a human face for your company and allow prospective drivers to understand more of your corporate culture. The U.S. Coast Guard channel is a great example if you decide to use employee interviews.

No matter how you use your YouTube channel, just remember that it is important to give prospective drivers a reason to engage.

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YouTube allows you to build your social following.

So I am going to make an assumption that you have been in recruiting for more than a few days. You should understand exactly how important it is to have real conversations with drivers. It’s great to meet someone and be able to explain things to them and answer any questions they have. Surprisingly, YouTube allows you a lot more freedom to do that than you probably think.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube to Recruit Drivers 2

Not only do you have the ability to host videos through a channel which is completely yours, but you can also embed videos in your websites and link to them on other social media posts. Through these videos, you can build strong social followings.

Concentrating on putting a face on your fleet and communicating directly to drivers will build a positive reputation for your company.

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Use targeted audiences for YouTube advertising.

Through YouTube InStream (formerly Pre-Roll) videos, you can be highly targeted in your video advertising. When drivers click on your video ads, they are redirected to your channel where they can subscribe and view more of your videos.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube to Recruit Drivers 1

There are a number of ways to target drivers with YouTube InStream videos. By tagging driver’s internet browsers, you can make sure that your videos are shown to the appropriate audience. You can also target according to geographic area, so that drivers who are running certain routes can see your advertisements. You even have the option to target drivers by device type.
[box]Remember that tagging browsers and geo-targeting can be very technical and difficult. And you may not have a large enough audience on your own websites. But you can partner with a third party that provides access to their tagged audiences and runs these campaigns for you.[/box]

These InStream videos can quickly highlight your fleet and give drivers a reason to engage with you.

Finding the best drivers for your fleet means that you have to be aware of and capable of using all the tools at your disposal. You have to adapt your recruiting marketing strategy to new ideas and concepts. By adapting, you not only position yourself to survive but to thrive.