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3 Time Tested Ways to Build Driver Awareness

Drivers are constantly being bombarded with job ads. This is a fundamental truth for today’s trucking industry. There is a high demand for qualified drivers, but there just aren’t enough people entering the workforce to keep up.
For every truck that is sitting idle, fleets are losing thousands of dollars. That means that every fleet needs qualified drivers and they need them 10 minutes ago. But with the amount of fleets looking for drivers, a new question arises.
What are you doing to build targeted driver awareness?

Here are 3 ways to build targeted driver awareness and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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1. Print

Not every method you’re using has to be cutting edge or even considered “modern.” The key is to ensure that you are investing in the methods that work.
Research: Company Driver Connectivity Study
We know that drivers are consuming print media. Research shows that print is the top source of trucking industry news for owner-operators and company drivers consistently list it as #2. That means you can’t afford to ignore print.
Putting your fleet’s recruiting ads in targeted print publications guarantees that your ads will be seen by the right audience. Despite what some people may tell you, it’s not a crap shoot.

While you may not always convert drivers through print ads, your message may stick with them.

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2. Content

Fleets across the country are running ads to recruit drivers. They are using channels such as social media, paid search, banner display, print, etc. That doesn’t mean they aren’t effective, but it does mean you have to set yourself apart.
To differentiate yourself, you can use your landing pages or content to further educate drivers on why they need to apply for your jobs. Content may be blog posts talking about your pay increases and health initiatives, highly relatable memes, or videos that put a human face to your fleet.
Blog: The Driver Recruiter’s Guide to YouTube

Use the opportunity to build positive driver awareness by making yourself stand out as a premier employer.

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3. Social Media

social media
Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube provide users with a channel to distribute content that is valuable to your audience. This may look like a funny meme or video related to the trucking industry. It may even be a blog post about how healthcare programs for drivers.

This kind of content encourages engagement and helps keep your fleet top of mind.

Fleets have a few ways to distribute their content. They can rely on purely organic engagement, simply posting something and letting it distribute to your followers without a budget. There is also paid engagement, where recruiters increase distribution and engagement with ads.

Fortunately, even the smallest fleets with the smallest budgets can put social media to good use.

To build driver awareness, you don’t have to invest in the newest technology or the next big thing. Some of the most effective ways to recruit drivers are often the channels you’re already using.
If you’re interested in using Facebook and YouTube to recruit drivers, we have the perfect webinar for you. We’ll tell you all about the newest targeting options that can revolutionize your social media advertising. Click the button below to register.